From ideas on paper to first product and starting a business.

For us every entrepreneur who starts his journey is "young"!

Ustvarjalnik is an entrepreneurial sandbox that helps transform ideas from ideas on paper to the first product and business start-up. Although we mostly deal with younger people age wise, for us, “young” is every entrepreneur who is just starting his own path.

We do not believe in theorizing, so our methodology is purely practice-based. We believe it is easiest to give a beginner insight into a business by simply giving them a push into the unknown. Our approach is simple: to get people involved in our program to discover a hobby or an area of expertise they are talented in and to transform it into a small project, with mentors lending a helping hand when needed, until they achieve their first major victory.

In this way, we are specifically helping them to acquire the knowledge, skills and mind-set they need, and at the same time gaining self-affirmation and courage, which will make them persist in their future projects.

One of the most important parts of our operation is creating a sense of community among entrepreneurs from the very beginning. We always proactively connect young entrepreneurs with one another and organize major events several times a year, with the aim of meeting entrepreneurs with the same ambitions and challenges at the beginning of their journey. Only with such support can it be expected that projects created in the secure environment of Ustvarjalnik will continue to live on.

We expect only one promise from young people entering mentoring: to pay for this support in the same way, with helping future generations after them.

That our movement can exist at all is thanks to all the experienced male and female entrepreneurs who voluntarily engage in our work as mentors and are willing to share their experiences free of charge to all those who are just beginning their journey.
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