The generation currently growing up is the most privileged in human history.

How is it that this is also the generation that is most afraid of the future?

Dietary supplements for racing camels
Two girls from Slovenia started exporting dietary supplements for racing camels and in less than a year concluded the first business for 500,000 euros, set up production and started expansion into new markets. We helped them from the unrealized idea to the first approach into the market and starting a regular business.
Wireless keyboard drawing energy from presses on its keys
Third year high school students made a wireless keyboard in 2014, drawing energy from the presses on its keys. After receiving a pre-order from a major retailer, they became the youngest Slovenians to receive an investment from abroad for a technology start-up.
Dog collar that detects the level of stress of a dog
Young engineers have assembled a dog collar from widely available electronic products to detect the level of stress of a dog through reading electromagnetic waves from brain cells. This resulted in a product that sends a warning to dog owners when the dog feels stress.
Mobile photo-sharing application
In 2013, a high school student created a mobile photo-sharing application, which became the most downloaded mobile app on the app store in its category. After his first success, he became part of the Povio team.
Warning sign for firefighters
Volunteer firefighters from a small village have designed a warning sign for volunteers who respond to a fire intervention by car and drive to the fire station without warning lights. The signs were officially approved by the government.
Ski instructional device
A child with Down Syndrome was born to an active family, forcing them to adjust their lifestyles. A secondary school student, who did not want his family to stop skiing, designed a ski instructional device that allowed his brother to venture out into the snow.
Be Life Kombucha
Kombucha drink
Within the business club, a high schooler expanded his hobby – brewing of Kombucha - so far that he set up a production line, started supplying his drink to local stores and achieved sales in one of the largest retail chains in the country.